Sunday, December 21, 2008

Menu Plan Monday - Snow Edition

Since the weather is so bad, and Christmas is on Thursday, this is going to be a weird week food-wise. Mostly eating out of the pantry and what we have on hand. In addition, it is Christmas break so the kids are home from school. I might be a little more organized in the lunch department, but I doubt it!

  • cereal
  • toast with jam
  • bagels
  • whatever else the kids can come up with
  • Christmas Morning: overnight waffles and sausages (our family favorite! We LOVE these!)
  • leftovers
  • ramen noodles with eggs
  • sandwiches
  • bagels
  • whatever else the kids can come up with
  • Lentil Rice Casserole
  • Wagon Wheel Chili
  • Soup and Bread (whatever kind of soup strikes my fancy)
  • Christmas Eve: pizza with the cousins
  • Christmas Day: Hubby's favorite potato dish - yum! (I don't have this recipe posted yet, but I'll post it, with pictures, after I make it on Thursday)
We will be having all sorts of appetizers at parties that we are having this coming weekend. All our parties got canceled this weekend. We have about 10 inches of snow with more on the way. Oh, and on top of the 10 inches is about a 1/4 inches of ice from the freezing rain we had. Such fun! It is driving us all to do strange things!

One of our favorite appetizers is Crab Buns.

1/2 lb of Velveeta Cheese
1/2 c. butter or margarine
1 can crab (I use the refrigerated "crab" that isn't really crab but tastes like it)
garlic to taste (we like lots)

Soften the cheese and butter and mix everything together. Spread on sliced baguettes and broil until bubbly. Yum!

If you want more ideas, check out Organizing Junkie!



Mom to Five said...

Jill I have 5 kids so I love this simple and delicious menu for the week!! My kids are also on Christmas break so I had to plan for lunches-ahhh!!
Merry Christmas!!

Jenean said...

There it is again! Chili! Goes on the menu for next week :)