Sunday, December 14, 2008

Winter Wonderland!

It doesn't snow very often here in the Northwest. You can tell that by the fact that the TV stations in the area have pre-empted regular shows to talk about the weather all day. Reporters posted on every overpass in town, shots from ODOT (Oregon Department of Transportation) cameras of area roads, press conferences from the mayor of the city and the head of Tri-Met (our local bus/light rail). You'd think the world was coming to an end!

We got 2 inches of snow.

Yes, all that for two inches of snow. My kids' schools are closed for tomorrow, as are most of the schools in the area.

The problem is that Oregonians have no idea how to drive in snow. It really isn't safe to be out and about because there are a lot of really stupid people on the roads.

Which leads me to why I love snow in Oregon. I love it because everything stops when it snows. Schools get closed, people stay home from work, stores close early. People just stay home and play in the snow. The hill by our house fills up with all the neighborhood kids and their parents - and their sleds! It is so fun!

We only get snow once or twice a year here, I'm sure if it came more often we would have to learn how to cope and it wouldn't be nearly as much fun. People who move here from "snow areas" laugh at us, but we don't care. We just love the snow!



Leah said...

lol..i live in indiana now, and we're used to tons of snow, but back in the day i lived in NC and i remember the first time we got about an inch and a half of was like life screeched to a halt! we were terrified!

Jill said...

Leah, I know that people just laugh at us, except those people who have lived somewhere the same and can understand! I'm glad you are the "understand" type!


Nancy M. said...

It's so beautiful! We're in SC and rarely get snow, but when we do, everything stops here too. I love it and I hope we get some this winter.