Thursday, January 8, 2009

Coming Sunday!

I have been rather amiss at keeping my blog updated lately. Partly that was because of the holidays and I was busy and spending time with my kids over Christmas break. However, part of the problem was I just wasn't very focused on what I wanted to be doing here. I've been doing some thinking and I've come up with an idea! After much thought and brainstorming with Hubby and others, I've decided to do . . .

Cheap Meals - the Series!

We eat pretty cheap here in Crazyville. I have learned over my almost (ahem!) 20 years of marriage some tricks and tips for how to do it and still feel like your feasting. I'm going to share some of that with all of you.

I will focus on one theme a week. I will introduce the theme on Monday and then the posts (and meals) that week will be related to that theme. Themes will include: buying in bulk (how to do it and when, how to use all that bulk food, when not to buy in bulk), cooking with beans (some really good recipes!), cooking from scratch and baking from scratch. There will be many more - I hope to do a 12 week series.

So, starting Monday (probably late Sunday night!) I will have the first weeks "lesson" ready. Pardon me now, I've got to do start typing!!!



Nancy said...

Goodie. I'll be a regular here to see what info you've got for me. Always looking for new ways to stretch the almighty grocery dollar.

momstheword said...

This sounds like a great idea. I am so looking forward to it!