Sunday, January 11, 2009

Menu Plan Monday - Frugal Feasting Kick-Off

I'm starting my "Frugal Feasting" series this week. I'm really excited to be doing this series. My favorite topic is food and the cheaper the better! This is going to be a great excuse for me to find some new cheap recipes.

This week my focus is on the most basic part of cheap eating - buying stuff on sale! There are certain things I will never pay full price for. I'm going to go over these things and how buying things on sale help. Then I'm going to make some meals this week using those on sale items.

This week my meals will be:



  • lunch meat and cheese sticks
  • leftovers
  • yogurt and granola
  • sandwiches
Tomorrow I will post on the theory of buying on sale, tips and tricks, where to store it all, and what it makes sense to stock up on. Then for the rest of the week the dinner recipes will be the stars! In the coming weeks, we will will talk about other frugal eating ideas: mega cooking, meat "less" cooking, bulk buying, cooking from scratch, cooking with beans, and more!

Join me for my Frugal Feasting series!

If you need more menu ideas, jump on over to Organizing Junkie!



Sherry said...

Your series sounds intriguing! The menu looks great! WE're having Egyptians this week, too. :D

Jerri - Simply Sweet Home said...

I've never head one-eyed Egyptians. Interesting!

Nancy said...

Jill ~ sounds like a good week. I tried a new recipe last night for homemade veggie burgers using lentils. Very good and frugal. Our entire family liked them, even the kids who I had thought might turn up their noses. I'll be posting that recipe a bit later this week if you're interested.