Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Potatoes, Sauerkraut and Sausage

I'm posting this recipe for Frugal Upstate's Frugal food series. This week she is showcasing Bread, Potatoes, Pasta, and Rice. Check it out for more great recipes using these budget stretching ingredients!

I have been making this recipe for ages. It is so simple that is almost embarrassing. It isn't even really a recipe but whenever I mention it, someone says, "Oh, I've never had that before, it sounds good." So, I decided to post it so no one will ever have to say that again.

Potatoes, Sauerkraut and Sausage

First take several potatoes, enough for your family (roughly one potato each but slightly more or less is fine). Scrub and/or peel them. I usually just scrub them and leave the peels on but sometimes I'm just not in a peel kind of mood so I take 'em off. That was the type of mood I was in when I took these pictures. After you scrub/peel the potatoes, slice them in rounds - you know big giant potato coins! Then, toss them in a pan in which you have heated a couple tablespoons of oil.
It looks kind of like that (well, exactly like that!). You want to toss the potatoes around so them get a little oil on them, that will help them not stick to the pan. You can either just fry them until they are done, or you can steam them briefly then fry. I prefer the steam then fry because it goes a little faster. Just pour 2-3 Tbs of water in the bottom of the pan and cover it for awhile. Open the lid and stir it every now and then to check if they are done. When they are almost done, remove the lid and let the water evaporate. Then fry til most of them are golden.

Next, take 1/2 to 1 lb of sausage and slice it. We use polska kielbasa cause we like it and we get it for not too expensive at Costco. You could use bratwurst, smoked sausage or whatever. Make sure you use something you really like because it is the main flavor besides the potatoes. I slice mine in "coins" then in half so I have little half circles. When they are sliced, toss them in the pan:

Stir this around and cook until the sausage looks cooked and is starting to brown. Then add a drained can of sauerkraut. We use the little cans but depending on how much your family like sauerkraut you could use a bigger one.

That is is, you just cook it until the sauerkraut is warm then serve. Salt and pepper to taste.

We serve it with salad and fruit. It is a great way to use up potatoes and since I always have the sausage in the freezer and a can or two of sauerkraut in my Crazyville Food Shoppe, this recipe is used often when I have forgotten to plan anything else. My kids love it (my veggie girl picks out the sausage - not strictly vegetarian but it works for her).




suzof7 said...

This sounds great! I have done a sauerkraut/sausage thing in the crock pot, but I love the idea of fried potatoes with it ( a technique I have yet to master).

Anonymous said...

WOW, this was really good.

Anonymous said...

I've been eating this since the 1994, I'm currently cooking some now.