Saturday, September 20, 2008

Gresham Outlook Article (and a few corrections)

The article in the Gresham Outlook, titled "Something Fowl Afoot in Gresham Neighborhood," came out today. The pictures are great and in general the article is good.

I do have a few corrections I'd like to make.

1. My neighbor stated that "those chickens are 12 feet from my bedroom." In actuality, it is 18 feet from the coop to his property line and at least that again to his house. So "those chickens" are actually about 40 feet from his bedroom.

2. My neighbor stated that "they're running loose and out of control." My chickens have always stayed in my fully fenced backyard. If your neighbor's dog was in their backyard would you call that "running loose?" As for chickens being out of control . . . what does that mean? They are in my backyard, minding their own business, eating grass and producing eggs - is that out of control?

3. My neighbor states that if the city council reduces the buffer, then "you might have everyone out here raising chickens."

And wouldn't that be sad?

Everyone would be reducing the waste they throw away everyday.

Everyone would be reducing the waste in our landfills.

Everyone would be reducing the amount of harmful pesticides and fertilizers they use in their yards.

Everyone would be eating fresh, healthy eggs.

How horrible that would be for Gresham and for the environment as a whole.


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Nancy M. said...

Thanks for the link to the article. This is exactly why we moved to the country. So no one could tell us what we could do. When we lived in town, people were always in our business. I hope everything works out and you get your chickens back. Keep the faith!