Friday, September 19, 2008

A Breath of Fresh Air

We are finally having real Oregon weather! It has been so hot this summer, especially the last few weeks, but we are finally having some cool cloudy weather. It is even supposed to rain this weekend!

I love the rain. I once wrote that you know you are a true Oregonian when you truly love the rain. I am SO ready for fall. I'm ready for soup and bread for dinner. I'm ready for sweaters and cozy sweatshirts. I'm ready for crunching through the leaves. I'm ready for long hot bubble baths. I'm ready for cups of hot cocoa.

I'm sure that my neck of the woods will experience a couple more really warm days, but I'm really glad that fall and winter are right around the corner.


1 comment:

Nancy M. said...

After all the hot summer days, it is nice to have some cool ones. Glad you are enjoying it!