Sunday, February 22, 2009

Menu Plan Monday - Baking at Home Edition

This week on Frugal Feasting we are going to be talking about something that saves me a ton of money - baking at home!

I almost never buy cookies, snacks, or most kinds of baked goods. I do buy sandwich bread because I have yet to perfect sandwich bread. But a loaf of French bread? Ha! A bag of dinner rolls? Never! A tube of refrigerated biscuit dough? Are you kidding?!!

Join me this week as I share some of my favorite (and a new one or two) recipes for baking at home!

For our meals this week, we are trying a few recipes from my new cookbook The Passionate Vegetarian by Crescent Dragonwagon. I'm excited to try them but we have to mix it up with a few tried and true ones so the family doesn't revolt!

  • Homemade bread toasted
  • oatmeal with berries
  • leftover pancakes (from dinner)
  • cereal
  • leftovers
  • whatever else we come up with!
  • Falafel (from the new cookbook), pita bread, salad
  • Spanish Tortilla, steamed veggies
  • Smothered Seitan (from the new cookbook, I've never tried Seitan so this could be interesting!)
  • Our favorite potato dish (a creamy, scalloped potato type dish)
  • Ethereal Buttermilk-Oatmeal Pancakes (from the new cookbook), sausage, hashbrowns, fruit
Come on back this week and check out the baking recipes!

If you want more menu ideas, check out Organizing Junkie!



Nancy said...

Sounds like a good week and I'll be checking back to check out your recipes for baked goods.

I've never tried or made Seitan; hope you'll be telling about your experience.

TX Doodler said...

Can't wait to read all the recipes! Do tell what brand your waffle maker is & where to get it. We have a little Duraband 2 waffle maker & I've been searching for a 4 waffler. Do you always use the yeasted method of doing waffles?

Jill said...

TX, my waffle maker is a Toast Master "Family Waffle Baker" I got it at what used to be Meier and Frank but is now Macy's. I'm pretty sure I got it on sale (cause I never buy anything not on sale!). I really like it. Yes, I pretty much always do the yeasted waffle method, although I have been known to turn to Bisquick in a pinch - a really tight pinch. I just love the yeasted ones so much it is hard to do any other. I always make a huge batch and freeze the leftovers so we almost always have some waffles in the freezer for breakfasts.