Friday, February 6, 2009

Quick Meals I've Done Before

I keep thinking of all these quick meals that we do around here to post for the "avoid eating out" week. Every time I think of something I say, "no, done that already." Finally I decided that I would post links to some of my quick meals that I've "done before."

So here, in no particular order, are quick meals I've done before.

One-Eyed Egyptians

This is a fabulous breakfast, lunch or dinner. I told my kids the other night, "If there is ever a famine, this is what we are going to be eating - one-eyed Egyptians made with homemade bread." (Our chickens will give us the eggs, I have LOTS of stuff to make bread in my Crazyville Food Shoppe). My oldest child's response was, "Let's pray for famine!"

Ok, I don't think they really want a famine, but they really love One-eyed Egyptians!

Ham Fried Rice

This meal does require a little forethought. You need to make the rice ahead and refrigerate it. Once you do this (the night before? in the morning before work?) it takes about 10 minutes to get it to the table. I love this recipe for after church. I make the rice in the morning and when I get home (starving), we can all eat 10 minutes later.

Best Ever Waffles

These are so fun to have for dinner. I serve them with fruit and some hashbrowns if I have the time and energy. They do require forethought. You mix up the batter the night before or in the morning then let it rise all night/day in the fridge. Baking them takes some time but if you have a big family size waffle maker like I do, it goes pretty quick. Make sure you make extra the next time you make these and have them in the freezer.

Sloppy Joe's or Tacos

If you have the meat already cooked and seasoned in your freezer, these are a snap. Just toast the buns and throw some frozen french fries in the oven - ta-da! Dinner in 20 minutes. And for tacos? Just grate some cheese and slice some lettuce and you are ready to go. The meat for both of these re-heats beautifully in the microwave. We have these all the time and really enjoy them.

Good Ol' Rice and Beans

If you use white rice for this recipe (and canned beans, which are a very wise thing to have in your pantry), this takes 20 minutes to the table. Plus, it is healthy and super cheap (even with the canned beans!). Serve with a salad or some fruit and you have a complete meal.



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