Thursday, February 26, 2009

Bread Recipes I've Done Before

I have posted a LOT of bread recipes in my blogging life. I decided to gather all the links together in one post. It will make it so much easier for all of you to find the bread recipe you are looking for. Aren't I nice?
Actually, I have a really sick little girl and re-posting is faster than making up new stuff so I'm going to take the easy way out today.

Monkey Bread is one of my families favorite treats. And man, is it good! And no, I still don't know why it is called Monkey Bread.

Whole Wheat Pan Rolls is one of my favorite bread recipes. It makes a lot so we always have left-0vers. They are so good toasted with butter and honey on them!

Quickie Biscuits really saved my bacon during my Month of Nothing. This is such a quick, no-brainer, addition to any meal. And so cheap, too!

Honey Whole Wheat Bread is my new favorite bread recipe. So healthy!

We love our recipe for Over-Night Waffles! I almost never make them any other way.

If you have never made bread before, check out my post Bread Making 101. I walk you through bread step by step.

There are also a lot of cookie recipes on this site! I'm posting a new cookie recipe tomorrow so I'll add all the links to the cookie recipes then. I'm off to administer Motrin to the little sick one. This is day four of a fever over 100 degrees. But the coughing, aching, sore-throat are the worst. The other kids had a similar thing and it takes four or five days to really get over it. Man, I hope I don't get it!


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Nancy said...

I remember seeing your pan rolls and thinking they look so good. I really need to try them.

Still fighting the crud at your house? Sorry to hear that. Maybe everyone will be healthy over the weekend.