Sunday, February 15, 2009

Menu Plan Monday - Meatless Meal Edition

This week on Frugal Feasting we are going to be talking about meatless cooking. This is one of the ways we save money on our groceries. We have meatless meals at least twice a week (and sometimes more).

We all have meatless meals sometimes and I'm going to give you a list of meals that will work for even the most ardent meat lover. And I'm also going to give you some of our favorite meatless meals.

This week we will be eating meatless also, although not every day.



So, come back tomorrow and check out my post on meatless meals!

And if you need more great menu ideas, check out Organizing Junkie.



Christi said...

Your menu sounds great!

Nancy said...

We do meatleass at our house, usually one or 2 x a week. Definitely makes a difference in the grocery bill and no one in the family seems to mind.