Monday, June 9, 2008

Breakfast Burritos

When I was in college I lived in an apartment with five other girls. We had the required number of fights over boys, chores, loud music, and whose dishes were left in the sink. We also shared a lot of good times too. Most often it was our neighbors complaining about the loud music that all six of us were dancing to. Usually it was five of us cheering up the one who was dumped by the boy. And sometimes we knew whose dishes they were because one roommate had made some delicious meal for all of us. I made a lot of friends in college, very few that I keep in touch with. The recipes I learned, however, are still with me.

The recipe for Breakfast Burritos if from my roommate Threesa (yes, that is actually how you spell it, Mormon mothers often get very inventive with their baby names!). Threesa was from Utah, I think, and she had some great recipes. I still love her Chocolate Mayonaise cake recipe and we eat Breakfast Burritos all the time. I think she had some much more impressive name for them, but we simply call them Breakfast Burritos, although we never eat them for breakfast.

In addition to being something almost everyone likes, Breakfast Burritos are very cheap and easy to make. There is no real "recipe" it is more of a concept that you adapt as needed. I'm sure lots of people make some version of this.

First you take some bacon, ham, sausage, or whatever you have. Fry it in a pan with some onion if you have/want it. When they are almost done, add several chopped potatoes. You could add leftover baked potatoes that have been chopped up and they would cook lots faster. I never think ahead enough to do this so I just add chopped raw potatoes. Because they are raw I add a few tablespoons of water and cover the pan to allow the potatoes to steam. Then cook the potatoes until they are tender and crispy on the outside. Now scoot all the potatoes to one side and add to the pan a couple of beaten eggs (for my family of 6 I usually add 4-5 eggs). Scramble the eggs until they are just barely done then mix them with the potatoes. On top of the mix lay enough tortillas for everyone to have one, then cover the pan with the lid. You are just heating up the tortillas so they will be soft and yummy. At the table, give everyone a tortilla and spoon some potato/egg mixture down the middle, add ketchup, if desired, and roll up and eat.

You could, of course, add cheese to the mixture. You could add salsa instead of ketchup. You could vary the type of meat. You could use whole wheat tortillas. You could make this lots of different ways but however you do it, it is cheap, fast and good!



Jenn @ Frugal Upstate said...

Thanks so much for participating in the first week of the frugal food series! I look forward to seeing what you come up with next week for "Tuna".

Mercedes said...

This is one recipe that I have never tried I don't even know why. I will know.