Sunday, June 22, 2008

Lazy Summer Weekends, Gotta Love 'Em

What did we do this weekend? Pretty much nothing. Actually we did a lot of little things around the house and yard. Hubby has almost finished the shed, we planted a few things in the garden, moved the baby chickens to the backyard, and read books, enjoyed the sun, and lots of other little things that weren't too strenuous.

I did go to the library and pickup some new cookbooks to read. All about cheap, easy to prepare, good-for-you recipes that your family will actually eat. I'm excited to review these books in the next few weeks. I love me some new recipes!

I'm going back to read the Sunday paper and do more . . . .nothing.


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Lynn said...

I love getting cookbooks from the library. There are so many that are fun to look at but that I don't need to buy. The library is great!