Thursday, June 19, 2008

Links to Stuff I've Found

There are a lot of great stuff around the web this week. Some great recipes that look amazing and a couple of great articles that will really make you think. Here we go:

Long, Comprehensive Article about Childhood Obesity at Cheap Healthy Good

I came across this comprehensive article on childhood obesity at Cheap Healthy Good. It really opened my eyes. For instance, did you know that there is a direct correlation between physical fitness and SAT scores? Did you know that obese kids are seven times more likely to be depressed? This article really makes you understand why it is important to feed our kids a healthy diet and make them exercise!

Fabulous Looking Chocolate Cake at Evil Chef Mom

Evil Chef Mom is one of my favorite blogs to frequent. She is so very funny to read. In addition, she has great recipes. This recipe for Chocolate Pound Cake with Coconut Glaze sounds so good. Maybe this weekend? Where does one find coconut extract? In the spice aisle?

A Small Bite: A Sensible Way to Splurge

Over at Get Rich Slowly, JD's wife has a great post about not depriving yourself. She is talking about money and spending, but it really can be applied to so many areas of life. I really like her idea that rather than going without dessert, she has one small bite. Then she can enjoy it but she won't feel guilty later. Maybe I should try that? Nah.

Why We Can't Order Tomatoes At Taco Bell!

The number of salmonella cases due to tomatoes has risen again. Three hundred and eighty three people have gotten sick. Why can't they figure out where these tomatoes are coming from. No more salads for awhile, sigh.


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Krysta said...

Coconut extract is with the vanilla extract... It's a really light coconut flavor so if you want it more coconutty you might want to try the coconut water instead of regular water for the glaze...