Monday, June 2, 2008

Perfect Pancakes, The Easy Way!

My family loves pancakes. They could eat them once a week for breakfast or dinner. I love pancakes, too. Actually, I don't really like to eat pancakes all that much but I really like them anyway and I'll tell you why. To me, pancakes for dinner is cheating. It isn't a "real" dinner and it is so easy that when I make pancakes I feel like I'm taking the night off. But I'm taking the night off without anyone in my family whining! In fact, they cheer! "Yeah! Pancakes!"

The secret to really good pancakes was given to me by my sister and I bless her name every time I make them. You see, you start with Bisquick (or any other mix) and add a few things and viola, it tastes like you made them from scratch! This last batch I did was even easier (and cheaper) I had some Aunt Jemima Just Add Water Pancake Mix and some Krusteaz Just Add Water Whole Wheat and Honey Mix. I had gotten the Aunt Jemima for about 25 cents a box during the last Albertson's freaky $10 off 10 items sale. The Krusteaz is pretty cheap too. I put equal amounts of each mix in a bowl (The "large" recipe called for 3 c. mix and I put 1 1/2 c. Aunt Jemima and 1 1/2 c. Krusteaz). I use half of each for the whole wheat in the Krusteaz. My family doesn't love the 100% whole wheat by itself but I feel better if they are eating at least half whole wheat. To the mix I added about a tablespoon of baking powder and a tablespoon or two of sugar. I mixed that up really well. Then you measure out the amount of water/milk that is required (the Bisquick calls for milk, the "just add water" mixes, surprisingly, just call for water! go figure.) To the measured liquid you add egg, if called for, and a tablespoon of lemon juice.

The baking powder and the lemon juice chemically react with each other to provide a really powerful rising action. The lemon juice gives it just a hint of tartness and the sugar balances that out nicely. These always turn out terrific and everyone raves about them. Should I tell them it is just a mix? Nah, let 'em think I'm awesome.

The last time I did them, I did them the night before Jana's birthday. She leaves really, really early in the morning and I didn't want to get up that early but I still wanted her to have a good breakfast. So I made a batch of pancakes the night before. They reheat in the microwave perfectly and everyone loved having pancakes for breakfast. I loved not having to make pancakes for breakfast!!


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Jenifer said...

Yep, those are THE best pancakes in the world, altough I can't really take credit for it because I found the recipe in a magazine ad for Bisquick. They are yummy!