Sunday, July 20, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

This is going to be a weird week. First of all, I will only be cooking for 4. My two oldest girls are going to camp for the week and so it will just be Hubby, and my two youngest. Lunch will be leftovers because I'm not sure I can cook for only 4! I am speaking on Wednesday at camp and so Carina and Kaden are spending the night at various places Tuesday night so that I can leave early Wednesday morning. I may only have to cook for two that night - oh my! (maybe a dinner out with Hubby?)

So this is what I have planned but things may change depending on how the week goes. The main goal is to not spend money! I'm trying to use up produce in the fridge, and once-a-month-cooking meals from the freezer. Since my veggie girl is going to camp, we will be meat heavy this week. We usually have at least three vegetarian meals a week, this week will probably be zero!


  • cereal, berries, milk
  • toast with jam, fruit, milk
  • One-eyed Egyptians, fruit
  • smoothies (berries, bananas, juice, etc)
  • leftovers (I'm sure there will be lots)
  • PBJ's, applesauce
  • Pad Thai (ok, this one is just for me and Hubby, the kids don't like it. I found a reasonable approximation that I can make at home - it isn't real Pad Thai but it is noodles with veggies and peanut sauce. I'll try to post the recipe this week)
  • Mac and cheese - the youngest two love this the older two, not so much. So this week is the perfect time to serve it, I almost never do because it isn't "real" food.
  • Lentil stew with added kale, cabbage, quinoa, and barley. Bread and salad.
  • Red beans and rice, tortillas, veggies from the garden
  • Meatloaf, baked potatoes, green beans from the garden
  • Taco-Stuffed Shells, rice, salad
  • Pesto Pasta, bread sticks, fruit or salad - whatever we aren't sick of yet!
Hopefully the weather won't be too hot this week, as I was typing this menu started sounding very cold-weather appropriate! (Man, I really hope none of my English professors aren't reading this 'cause my grammar sucks!)

You can find lots of other menu plans (by much more grammatically correct people, I'm sure) at Organizing Junkie.


The Woman said...

Meatloaf at my house too this week :)

Linda said...

Meatloaf here too. Great post. Happy Menu Monday.

Jill said...

Seems to be a meatloaf week!