Thursday, July 3, 2008

Splitting Hairs

I have teenagers. That means that I have people in my home who are testing the boundaries, everyday. Every hour. Ok, every minute! They just love to be different and to find out what I will allow. I'm fairly strict on somethings - God put a certain number of holes in our bodies and other than an extra set for a pair of earrings, I think the number he put there should stay the same, I believe clothing is designed to cover our bodies and that somethings are best left to the imagination (if people can tell what underwear you have one, or whether or not you have underwear on, you need to re-examine your outfit!). But when it comes to one thing, I'm willing to allow some freedom of expression - their hair.

The way I see it, hair grows back! Unlike, say, a tattoo, you can undo any poor choices you make with your hair. So I let my girls do almost anything to their hair (I draw the line at a bright green spiked mohawk - I do have to been seen with them). Tali has taken advantage of this and recently I dyed the underside of the back of her head bright pink. It has been blue, green and red in the past but this time they chose "pink panic." (I do both her and her best friend's hair. Yes, the other mom is ok with this). Here is what it looks like:
Notice her carefree shrug of her shoulders? She doesn't care what any of you think! (I would like to add at this point that Tali is an amazing kid who gets straight A's in school, runs track, has tons of friends and is an all around great kid, pink hair not withstanding!) My oldest daughter, Jana, has different views on hair and what is acceptable. We found this on the bulletin board this morning:
Not to be outdone, Tali countered with this:

Well, to each their own I suppose, at least they are "communicating," right?



Leah said...

i just found your blog and i have to say i absolutely love it!!!!!!! and you don't look like you should have four children! (that should make your day ;) ) i'm really trying to do healthier frugal meals and you've given me some great ideas (and some great laughs!) thanks!

Jill said...

Leah, thanks so much!! It is so nice to know that I'm not talking to the air. I'm glad I've been able to share some ideas with you, I love to share what I've learned.

And yes, you did make my day, in more ways than one! Thanks.


Krysta said...


Betty said...

sounds like a couple of nice kids you've got there, Jill! :) i found this looking for "how to make refried beans!" LOL