Monday, April 21, 2008

Grocery Shopping Week Two

I did really, really well at the grocery store today. At Winco I spent $47.07! Whoo-hoo! My biggest expense was $5.48 for a two pound loaf of cheese. I got lots of fruit and veggies - including a beautiful pineapple for $2.98. That is a little more than I usually will spend on pineapples but these were huge and gorgeous and I was weak! Safeway had boneless skinless chicken breasts on sale for $1.69 a lb. and I bought two 4 lb. bags for $13.52. I am going to do some "mega-cooking" next week so that I will be able to pull quick meals out of the freezer and not mess up the kitchen so much. Plus, if I can make 8 or 9 chicken meals when it is $1.69/lb then it saves me money over paying $2.99 or whatever.

I was very proud of myself today. Kaden went to school early and so I ran to the grocery store by myself. I really, really REALLY wanted to go through some drive through and get some fast food. I even rationalized on the way home that since I had done so good at the grocery store I could "afford" to zip through Taco Bell or Burger King. But I was good and held off and came home and fixed myself some lunch. I'm so glad I did! Taco Bell would have been cheap - probably $3.oo or so, but I was even lower than that! I made myself an artichoke heart, roasted red pepper quesadilla and it was FABULOUS! I roasted the red pepper myself (it was .59) and I have enough left over for at least one more quesadilla maybe two. The artichoke hearts were on sale last week for .88 a jar and I didn't even use half a jar. With the cheese and the tortilla I figure I spent about $1.00 and it tasted better than Taco Bell (well, that may be stretching it a little - I love Taco Bell!). But I was very proud of myself.

So, for dinner this week will be:

Jim's Favorite Potato Dish (potatoes, cream sauce, cheese topped with cornflakes - comfort food!)
Vegetable Pie
Homemade Soup and rolls
Pesto Pasta
Chinese Chicken Salad
Beef Topped Bean Enchiladas (a freezer meal)

I'm also going to do a bunch of baking this week and stash it in the freezer. Muffins are especially good because the kids can just grab them for a snack or to take in their lunch boxes. Plus if I'm going to spend 30 minutes putting together some muffins I might as well make three dozen!

And we are going to see some houses today!


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