Tuesday, April 15, 2008

How Low Can I Go?

A article in our local paper today made me say "Hmmmm. .. . ." and also "that's crazy!" The article is about four families who were asked to lower their food budgets. These families started out with ridiculously high food budgets, but their "lower" budgets were way over what I would spend, too! For example: a family of three, mom, dad and 3 year old son spent $200 a week on groceries and $150 a week eating out!! My question is after spending $200 a week for three people why would you need to go out and eat? So they have lots of room to save but they only cut it down to $135 a week on groceries and $40 eating out. They did cut a lot from their budget but could they have done more?

I have a family of 6 - me, my husband and four kids including two teen age girls who run cross country and track (and eat an amazing amount of food for their little tiny size 2 bodies!) and beat myself up when I go to the store and spend $100 a week on groceries. Why can't I do it for under that?? I should be able to do it for less. I got really lazy while I was going to school. It was just easier to buy some convenience foods than cooking from scratch. But my excuses are lame and I just really need to try harder.

So, here is my personal challenge to myself: I want to average under $100 a week this month for food. This will include grocery store, Costco trips, and eating out. It will not include laundry detergent, dish soap, toilet paper etc, or popcorn at the Saturday matinee (that falls under entertainment and not food - it has no nutritional value anyway!). I will save receipts and post my progress here just to keep myself honest. I'm starting today. Good luck to me!


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