Friday, April 18, 2008

Two things exciting happened today. The first is that I called the realtor and set up a time to come and take pictures, measure rooms and officially get this house on the market! He is coming on Wednesday and I'm excited, nervous and stressed out all at the same time! We still have some small jobs to finish (i.e; touch up paint, some yard work etc) and lots of cleaning/organizing. The weather is not cooperating this weekend for yard work - we are expecting a freak cold snap with possible snow! In April! But we can get all the inside stuff done.

The other exciting thing was my steal of a deal at Albertsons. They have a variety of Quaker products on sale 10 for $15, if you buy ten you get $3 off making them $1.20 a piece. We got boxes of Cinnamon Life cereal, and Quaker Oatmeal to Go Bars (my oldest daughter eats these for breakfast on the way to school everyday!). So I got 10 boxes of cereal and 10 boxes of Oatmeal to Go's for $24! Yeah me! This will, of course, be added to my totals and almost puts me over the $100 mark for this week but I won't have to buy cereal for the rest of the month and I can be a little more frugal next week (no cookies or chips!).


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