Saturday, August 9, 2008

Excuse me, Your Bed is Racing!

Last night our family, my sister and her family, and my Dad went to the downtown in our little corner of the world for the "Historic Bed Races."

We all met at my Dad's house and piled in two vans to head downtown. All the kids went in Grandpa's van - my Dad has a full size conversion van that has leather seats, paneling on the walls, and plush carpeting. The kids all love to ride in Grandpa's van 'cause "it's cool." All the rest of the adults rode in our car. We aren't cool.

The first stop was pizza! The pizza place is on the same street as the bed races and we figured it would be easy to find a spot after we had dinner - wrong! The street filled up with people while we were waiting for our pizza (the restaurant was pretty full, too. Lots of people must have had the same idea!). The pizza was really good and we managed to find a spot down a block or so.
Here is the whole gang (we start with the cute kid in the yellow shirt and end with the beautiful girl in the purple sweatshirt - the adults are in the back). This was on Main Avenue and it was packed with people (well, "packed" is relative - there isn't usually very many people in Main so this is pretty packed!)
That is one of the beds doing their introduction lap. After the races started they were going to fast for me to get good pictures (believe me I tried - I'm just not a very good photographer, yet.)

The beds didn't look much like beds in some instances - more like large carts.
And all of them were decorated - this one followed the theme of the event "Rocking Around the Block." There were teams for political candidates, local restaurants, local churches, charitable organizations, and more.

Unfortunately, they ran in heats. The heats lasted about 30 seconds. The wait in between heats was about 10 minutes. The kids got bored fast. The adults got bored even faster. We lasted about 10 heats and then we left to get ice cream.

But now we can say we went to the bed races. Not sure we can say we'll go back.

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Jenifer said...

Oh come one, they weren't THAT bad, okay they were boring! It was still fun to all be together. Mark loves that his picture is now on the internet!