Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Whoa! Did you just paint in here?

Big changes here at Jill's Crazy Life. I was getting tired of the old look (the dark background with the black type was driving my eyes crazy - anyone else?). I decided to change it up a little.

Since I'm married to a web designer, I enlisted his help. I'm still using the Blogger templates but don't you like that fancy picture collage up there behind the words "Jill's Crazy Life?" My hubby made that - took him about 30 seconds and he wasn't going to keep it but I said, "Hey, I like it!" That is my backyard on the left, my waffles in the middle, and my lentil stew on the right. It's like my life, right there on the internet! (My six year old loves that him and his siblings are "right there on the internet!")

I will probably be tweaking the colors, layout and such for the next few days - I'm never truly satisfied, and it is so much fun to play! Be patient and no, you're not going crazy!



Lynn said...

I like it.

Jenifer said...

I love the new look. With your writing talent and your husband's graphic design talent, you make a great blogging team! Can't wait to see more changes!