Thursday, August 21, 2008


How long does it take to put 50 lbs of peaches into jars? A LONG time! However, much less time than if I was doing it myself. Carina and Kaden (my two youngest) offered to help me, and help they did. They peeled, pitted, sliced and packed over 80% of the peaches. This freed me up to blanch the peaches, make the syrup, fill the jars with syrup, attach lids, and put the whole thing in the water-bath canner. We took a long break in the middle to pick up my oldest from work and eat lunch, but we were done by 3:30. Not too bad.

We did 28 quarts and two stuffed gallon bags of frozen slices to use for smoothies later.

As a reward for their help, the younger ones got to go to Dairy Queen for ice cream. Nothing says success like a Butterfinger Blizzard!



Jill said...

Looks yummy! I just started reading your blog and you seem so organized! HOw do you do it?

Lynn said...

Oh, those peaches look good. At least I can get good peaches here in OK.

Leah said...

those look incredible!!!! i have no idea how you find time to do everything!

Rachel said...

That is awesome Jill! No easy task, I know. But all winter when you get to open a jar, I am sure it will be well worth it.

Jill said...

I am SO not that organized in any area of my life except food. My house is a mess and I have a huge pile of laundry right now. But my family eats well and I'm storing up food for the winter - right now that wins over laundry!


Nancy said...

Those peaches look delish! Give those helpers a pat on the back.