Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Day 22

It is late, and I am tired so I'm going to dispense with the "chit chat" and just get on with it.

Meals today were:

Breakfast was bagels and English muffins all around. Oh, and orange juice.

Lunch was lunch meat and cheese sticks, carrots, Cheezits, and an orange for me. Bagels and cream cheese for kids (with oranges, etc), leftovers for Hubby.

Dinner was baked beans over rice with the last of the ham. We had sliced apples, carrots and ranch dip, and home made grape juice that I canned a few weeks ago. Man, oh man! That grape juice is good stuff. It makes all the hard, sticky, messy, tiring work worth it! Wish I had done more (of course at 8 pm that night I really, really, really wished I'd picked far less grapes than I had!)

Tomorrow I'm going to post some pictures of the beautiful scenery that makes me love this time of year!


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