Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Days 28 and 29 - Almost there!

Oh my gosh! I'm so excited! I only have two days left!

Oh man. I'm so bummed. I only have two days left!

Ok, so that's how I'm feeling. I'm really torn. I want to keep spending mindfully, rather than mindlessly. I want to save money and save the planet and teach my kids to respect money and to value and appreciate what they have. (Do you think I used the word "and" enough?) But I'm also am so excited to get my hair cut and go buy groceries!

I am thinking of all these things I've learned and I'm going to post a "What I Learned" post when this is all done.

The weather continues to be beautiful but it is supposed to start raining on Friday - just in time for Halloween - oh goody! I normally love the rain, I am a true Oregonian in that regard, but I've been enjoying the sunny, cool, beautiful days SO much! I'm going to continue to walk to work and the bad weather will be the real test of my commitment.

Meals yesterday were "I don't remember" for breakfast and lunch. And a pasta bake and french bread for dinner. I was going to take the pasta leftovers for lunch the next day, but my ravenous cross-country runner daughter ate them!

Meals for today were:

Breakfast was leftover french bread toasted. So yummy.

Lunch was leftover pasta for Hubby. Since Tali had eaten mine I went for option two, I'm glad I did. I took a couple of slices of french bread, some cheese, some fruit, and a homemade granola bar. It was so good. I hid the last two slices of bread so I can take it again tomorrow. The little kids bought lunch. I sent $10.00 for each of their lunch accounts. I'm deducting the $20.00 from my grocery budget for this week.

Dinner was soup and leftover bread. I put the soup in the crockpot early today. I worked at the concession stand at the high school today from 3:45 to 6:00. My family ate without me.

After I worked at the high school, I went grocery shopping. We were out of milk and fruit for lunches. I only had $30 to spend but I only spent $21.00. I only bought enough to limp through the next couple of days - until I can go shopping without a budget! I'm going to add up everything I spent for this month for food. I'm pretty sure I spent about $200 for the month. Not too bad.



Amy said...

Just found your blog and I'm really enjoy catching up on your month of nothing! Got here by looking for a recipe...thanks!

Nancy said...

This next grocery shopping trip will be one that you'll enjoy!

I'm looking forward to your "what I learned" post.