Saturday, October 11, 2008

Day Eleven

Free grapes are great, unless you go crazy and bring home 70 lbs of them that you have to do something with today!

That is what I did today. Stupid girl. We went out to a beautiful farm on Sauvie Island and we could pick as many grapes, apples or asian pears we wanted. There were tons of apples, but I'd already done applesauce for this year so I just got enough for lunchboxes for the next week or so. There were very few asian pears so I just got a couple.

There were TONS of grapes! Purple concords, white concords and some that looked like champagne grapes. I got lots and lots of purple concords - 70 lbs worth!
Here they are all lined up on my counter. Here's what they looked like 6 hours (and a really sore back) later:
That is 25 quarts of grape juice. Supposedly, this is concentrated juice and I should be able to water it down and get a half gallon from each quart. I'm excited. I've never done grape juice before, it is a lot of work but I'm thinking it will be worth it. Especially since these 25 quarts cost me nothing except a lot of work!

Meals today:

Breakfast was an English muffin and chocolate milk for me. I left and was gone until 1 pm (picking grapes) so I don't know what everyone else had.

Lunch was leftovers for everyone. Roman Rice and beans wrapped up in tortillas.

Dinner was one-eyed Egyptians. I got three eggs today from my chickens! That means it is safe to start eating eggs because the chickens will produce enough to cover our use. Yeah!

Oh, I did buy a bottled water today. I took a Sudafed before I left to go picking and then forgot to take a water bottle with me. Sudafed dries me out and I was so thirsty! So I caved. Only 99 cents though.

Tomorrow I'm baking, for sure!


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katie said...

Man I am so jealous! The problem with living on the gulf is no farms! :( A few animal farms, and there's a strawberry farm but no apples. Good job on the grape juice! I predict I am going to need a canning lesson in the future.