Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Day Eight

Wah-hoo! I went grocery shopping today. I made a list in advance (after planning meals for the next week) and only got what was on my list.

Drum roll please!


And that included food for our bunnies!!! Yeah me! After I got through the check-out line and realized how low it was, I was kicking myself for saying no to a few things. I should have gotten more fruit for lunch boxes, for instance. But now I have almost $15 to make a run later in the week for a gallon for milk and a bag of apples or grapes.

One of the things that has been really great about this experience so far is that it is teaching me what I really don't want to run out of. I have a really well stocked pantry, and I keep it that way so that if I ever really had to feed my family for almost nothing, I could. But I'm realizing some things that I need to stock up on next time they are on sale. Olive oil, for example. I'm almost out of olive oil and that will take up half of my $50 to replace! For this month I would just switch over to canola oil, but I really like my olive oil! Next time I go to Costco, I'm buying two!

Meals for today:

Breakfast was cereal for some people and the last of the homemade bread toasted with homemade raspberry jam on it.

Lunch was Thai noodles for Hubby, rice, beans, cheese, salsa for me, yogurt and bits and pieces for the kids.

Dinner was chicken and rice soup, homemade breadsticks. Yum, it was really, really good.

I got sleep last night and I feel like a human today, amazing how that sleep stuff makes you feel all "well rested" and perky.



katie said...

Great Job!

Nancy M. said...

Awesome savings! I think that is where I go wrong, when I buy more than what is on my list.