Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Day Seven

I'm so tired! It has been a very long day. I went to the city council meeting tonight. I didn't speak but just me being there reminds everyone about chickens.

I drove to work and to the city council meeting. I have a little less than 3/4 of a tank left in my car. I guess that is good since it is almost the 8th day of the month. I only drove to work because I was volunteering in Kaden's class before I work, I haven't gotten it together enough to walk and be there by 8 am! I'm walking the whole rest of the week.

I was rethinking my last post (where I said I would have $76 for food this week). I went shopping just before this whole experience began and I'm going to count that as my grocery spending for last week. That means that I will have $50 for this week (tomorrow to next Wednesday). Maybe a better way of doing this would be to say that I have $200 for the month, rather than per week? I don't know.

The other real bummer of this whole experience is having kids in school. My high school junior came home from school the other day and said, "I need $74 for a new choir dress and $40 for a choir retreat."

"What?" I asked. I hadn't seen anything about a choir retreat, and what was wrong with the choir dress from last year, and SEVENTY FOUR DOLLARS for a choir dress? I haven't spent that much on a dress for myself - ever! I think the fabric for my wedding dress cost less than that!

"It's not optional, Mom," my daughter replied. "My choir teacher already paid for both these things and now we have to reimburse her."

Well thanks for giving us parents some choice.

So now I have to pay $114 during my month of nothing. It isn't really optional because, well, because I'm responsible and I won't let my child be blamed by her teacher because her mom went crazy and decided to do a Month of Nothing. But it really bums me out. I wanted to end this month with lots of money left over.

My dryer is making funny noises, also. *sigh* So far the dryer is still running and it doesn't smell like anything is burning up so I'm going to keep using it. Then I'll string clothes line in the garage and hang stuff if I have to!

Meal for today were:

Breakfast was homemade bread toasted. I made two loaves, one cinnamon swirl loaf and one plain bread. We had the cinnamon swirl for breakfast and the plain one for snacks.

Lunch was Thai noodles for me and Hubby. Bits and pieces for the kids. Kaden bought lunch. I think he has two or three lunches left in his account.

Dinner was a Crusty Cornbean pie. It was ok, but no one jumped up and down about it. It was really cheap, though.

Tomorrow is another day, maybe I won't be as tired.


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Nancy M. said...

Sorry you are having to cough up money when you weren't expecting it. They really should have sent home some notice about that.

I hang up almost all of my clothes, it saves a lot on the power bill.