Thursday, October 2, 2008

Day Two

Today was a day for walking. I walked to work, as I always do, and then after work I walked up to the high school. I had volunteered to work in the snack shack from 4 to 6. Thankfully, both work and the high school are only a few blocks away so it wasn't too bad. I did drive my car today. I was really trying to avoid it. Carina had a girls group meeting at church, Jim walked her there (church is two blocks away) but when it was time to pick her up it was dark and raining and the vice-presidential debate was on so no one wanted to take the time to walk there and back, so we drove. *sigh* I wish we were more disciplined.

The highlight of the day was watching the vice-presidential debate. My high-schoolers were very into it. That makes me happy - I'm raising kids who want to be involved in the political process and understand that it is important to be informed.

Meals for today were this:

Breakfast: Pretty much everyone had zucchini cinnamon bread and juice or chocolate milk, except Hubby. I'm pretty sure he had cereal (he always does).

Lunch: I took bits and pieces - lunch meat and cheese stick, apple, carrots and tomatoes from the garden, slice of zucchini bread. Kaden and Carina bought lunch (they both still have money in their accounts at school. They won't buy anymore this month when they run out.), Jana took a granola bar, Tali took bits and pieces too (Wheat Thins and Babybel, applesauce, yogurt, granola bar, etc) Hubby took leftover zucchini pie, peanuts, etc.

Dinner: lentil stew that I put in the crockpot before I left for work, salad, parmesan toast.

We had zucchini bread, fruit, hot cocoa, and crackers for snacks.

One of the nice things about where my husband works is that we get free food sometimes. No, he doesn't work at a restaurant or anything. One of his co-workers has a second job at a boys ranch which gets food donations all the time. Mostly it is produce and the boys ranch can't always use it up before it goes bad. Rather than let it rot, he brings it to work before it goes bad and anyone can take what they want. Today Hubby brought home bagged salad and a big bag of broccoli. We had salad tonight and tomorrow we will have steamed broccoli with whatever we end up having. It is a nice supplement to our budget.

Lots of people have access to free food - leftover muffins or sandwiches from meetings, garden overflow from neighbors and friends, invitations to dinner from family or friends, or other sources. I figure I'm never turning down free food! Tomorrow is snack day at my work (an assigned number of people bring snacks and treats for everyone. The people responsible rotate on a weekly basis), I'll be bringing a main dish (leftover lentil soup) and I'll supplement with snacks from the snack table. That way my lunch will cost almost nothing. Of course, when it's my turn to bring snacks I will spend a little more.

So, day two, not too bad. And tomorrow is FRIDAY!



Nancy said...

I'm interested in your lentil stew recipe, would you share? I have a bag of lentils in my pantry right now that I need to use.

Bobbi Jo said...

Good job on the walking. We live in an area that things aren't so close to walk to other than my little girls school. My older daughter rides the bus and our son shares a ride with his 1st cousin.
How did it go on Friday?
Hugs, Bobbi Jo