Friday, October 24, 2008

Day 24 - and Why I Love Oregon

This is the view out of my front window. I love that tree. Every fall it turns this amazing shade of red. Of course, in the spring, the pollen off of that tree makes me miserable for a month! But I forgive the tree every fall as its leaves turn a beautiful shade of crimson.

Today was another beautiful day here in the great Northwest. I walked to and from work - I needed gloves in the morning and needed to take my sweatshirt off in the afternoon. Makes it hard to know how to dress but for a fabulous day. Here's the view I get walking or driving down my street back to my house:You have to admit, we live in a pretty area, right?

I broke down and bought gas today. I put $10 of gas in my tank and I am going to make it last! Sadly, the $10 only bought 3.66 gallons of gas. More than it would have bought three weeks ago but still . . .

Food today was good.

Breakfasts were bagels and English muffins. Those should be gone by tomorrow but I'm planning on baking muffins tomorrow so we will have those for a few days.

Lunch was PB&J's for the little kids, Hubby had company lunch at work and I had bits and pieces supplemented by the snack table at work. Big kids were home (no school) and I have no idea what they ate - probably Top Ramen!

Dinner was homemade mac and cheese and sliced tomatoes from the garden. I'm thinking I have maybe one or two more meals from the tomatoes from the garden and they will be done.

Tomorrow I don't have to go anywhere! I'm so excited to spend time at home and bake, clean, etc. It is a sad commentary on how busy my life is that I'm excited to have time to clean! I hate house cleaning! But my house needs it and I'm excited to have time to do it. *sigh* I need a more exciting life!



Lynn said...

The pictures make me homesick for OR. I love OR in the fall, it is so pretty.

Nancy M. said...

I love trees that look like that in the fall. You do live in a beautiful area!