Monday, October 6, 2008

Menu Plan Monday Oct 6 - Oct 12

Ok, this should have been posted last night but I was tired and completely forgot about it!

We are still doing our month of nothing here in Crazyville, I have $20.76 left for this week, and - oh joy!- I realized that the new week starts on Wednesday. So, if I can make it to Wednesday, I can spend $70.76 on groceries. I probably won't though, I want to have money for later. Right now, we are still operating on things left over from last month, those will run out and I'm going to want more later, I'm sure.

I found a copy of Diet for a Small Planet, by Frances Moore Lappé. It was written in 1971 and is a book advocating a meatless diet to conserve the world's resources. Interestingly, the chair of the United Nations' Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change just came out with a statement urging people to eat less meat to help curb global warming. He recommends going meatless one day a week initially then increasing it. We eat vegetarian several days a week because I have veggie children and I'm too lazy to cook two meals so sometimes it's easier to just cook vegetarian. This week we will have three or four meals that are vegetarian (depending on what kind of soup I end up making). I'm trying two meals from Diet for a Small Planet.

So here is what we are having this week:

  • I'm determined to NOT have everyone eat cereal all week. I have lots of boxes of cereal, but I'd like them to last a long time! So, I'm going to make some homemade bread (which everyone likes toasted), one of the loaves will be cinnamon raisin bread. I'm also going to make some muffins for people to eat. But I'm sure that people will eat some cereal anyway.
  • The muffins will also work for lunches which will be good. Carina is out of money in her account so she will take lunch everyday for the rest of the month. I will need to buy some yogurts and some crackers/pretzels. The kids will take cheese and crackers, yogurts, homemade granola bars, fruit, muffins, peanut butter and jelly.
  • Hubby and I will take Thai noodles, leftovers and "fillers" of granola bars, crackers, muffins, fruit, carrots, etc.
  • Creamy Crockpot Chicken Thing (cream of broccoli cheese soup, milk, boneless skinless chicken breasts, in the crockpot, serve over brown rice), biscuits, salad.
  • Roman Rice and Beans (from the Diet for a Small Planet), bread?
  • Crusty Cornbean Pie (from the Diet for a Small Planet), fruit
  • Soup and bread (whatever soup I feel like, but probably bean soup in the crockpot)
  • Navajo tacos, rice, fruit
  • Spaghetti, bread, salad (we have Italian sausage in the freezer because I buy it in bulk at Costco)
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Alison said...

Eating veggie is also a great way to save money - meat is expensive!!

At my house, we often eat 3 or 4 veggie meals a week, just because it's easier than remembering to take meat out of the freezer in time.

Jill said...

Exactly! That is partly why we eat that way, also. It is much cheaper to cook with beans, vegetables and grains, than with meat.

Plus I never remember to take meat out to defrost! I'm really bad about that. I finally broke down and figured out how to use the defrost feature on our microwave.