Friday, October 3, 2008

Day Three

Today was a fun day. I went to work (I walked even though it was raining, yeah me!) and it was Friday treat day, that meant yummy treats in the staff room. Fridays are good days because I can usually get a lot of work done. I work in the library of an elementary school. I'm the media assistant - that means I check out the books, check in the books, re-shelve the books, mend the books, keep the library clean, and do a lot of computer stuff. On Fridays we only have two classes so I have more time for cleaning, doing computer stuff, etc. So I felt like I got a bunch of stuff done that I've been wanting to get done for weeks.

It was really raining on the way home, the kids opted to take the bus rather than walk with me. Tali had a chiropractor appointment at 5 pm and Hubby and the little kids were leaving for the Blazer Fan Fest (the local NBA team's fan appreciation night) at 4:45 so we had to have dinner ready early. Then take Tali to the chiro and after that to an activity at church. I did spend money on her chiro appointment (she runs cross country and has an injury. Injury "repair" is necessary!) and we drove to the appointment and to church (and Hubby drove to the Fan Fest).

Meals for today:

Breakfasts were banana bread and cereal and juice.

Lunches were bits and pieces (yogurts, cheese sticks, cinnamon bread, fruit, applesauce, graham crackers, etc). Hubby has a company lunch on Fridays. I took left over lentil soup and had snacks at work.

Dinner was Spanish tortilla (kind of like a frittata with potatoes), salad. Some of us ate the Spanish tortilla in a flour tortilla with ketchup (a breakfast burrito) because we ate them on the go to our various destinations.

The most exciting thing of the day was that I went to collect eggs from my chickens (that are living with the neighbors) and I was greeted with this:

This is a normal size egg and a very small "first-time" egg. That means that my baby chickens are starting to lay!! That means I will have enough eggs! Because of various factors, I've been getting only one egg a day - and sometimes not any eggs at all! I was very worried that I was going to have to spend some of my $50 on eggs - now I think I'll be ok.

Oh! I also spent $9 on a box of apples - that will come out of my $50 for this week. My friend found boxes of apples and I needed one for applesauce. Tomorrow I will can two more boxes of apples into applesauce. Oh joy!



Betsy said...

I look forward to canning my own applesauce again--it's soooo much tastier. I, too, someday want to work in a school library. I was an English teacher and have a master's in Children's Lit--when my kids become school age, I don't want to teach English and bring home all that grading!!!!

Nancy M. said...

I'm glad you're getting eggs again. One of my chickens laid a really small egg the other day. My first ones have been all kinds of funny shaped.

katie said...

how much cereal do you have? I am not sure I could buy enough cereal for a month at the rate we eat it.

Jill said...

Betsy, I didn't know you could get a master's in Children's Lit but that sounds right up my alley!

Nancy, I'm SO happy my chickens are laying! My last batch of babies didn't start laying until the following spring. I'm happy to be getting eggs all winter. That light in the coop in the morning sure helps.

Katie, We have LOTS of cereal. Safeway and Albertsons both had it on sale for $1 a a box recently. And I bought tons, literally! I bought about 40 boxes at Safeway and 50 or so at Albertson's. We really like cold cereal and $1 a box is cheap!