Sunday, October 26, 2008

Days 25 and 26

What a fun weekend! Yesterday we did almost nothing of importance. Made a trip to the feed store (chickens needed feed and straw), cleaned house, made cinnamon rolls, finished reading my book, and slept in - not in that order, of course. I spent $20 and change at the feed store - food for chickens, one bale of straw, and some timothy hay for the bunnies. Can't let the animals starve!

Today we slept in again (did I mention that this was a fun weekend?), made some treats, and went to a family birthday party at my sister's house. We celebrated several birthdays and had WAY too much yummy food. Now I'm home and getting everyone ready for bed.

On a sad note, my laptop (that I do all my blogging on) is critically ill. Thankfully, I have an IT doctor in the house (Hubby) who is working hard to save the Dilbert's life. Dilbert is my computer, yes, we named to computer. Hubby's is Fred. I guess we don't have enough boys in the house so we had to name the computers boy's names.

I can use Hubby's computer until Dilbert is fixed or replaced - but man, I really didn't want to spend $$$ on a new computer!

Meals for yesterday:

breakfast was free-for-all. Whatever you could find, you could eat. Come to think of it, lunch was the same.

Dinner was Gardenburgers on buns with lettuce and tomatoes, home-fries (what I call oven-fried french fries), and applesauce. It was really yummy. We had cinnamon rolls for dessert.

Meals today were very similar. Carina and I had potato pancakes for lunch (using the extra peeled potatoes from last night that I didn't end up cutting up for french fries). Then we all went to the party and had baked potato bar (with chili, cheese, broccoli, etc), and salad. Then cheese cake for dessert. Oh man, do I love cheese cake!

I was trying to be very frugal this weekend and bake goodies for my Dad for his birthday. I over cooked the first batch of cinnamon rolls and burned half of the second try. *sigh* No good deed goes unpunished. (kudos to the first person who can tell me what musical has a song about that!)



Nancy M. said...

I hope Dilbert makes it!

Nancy said...

Could the song be from Wicked?

Hope you have a good week.

Jill said...

Yeah Nancy!! The song is indeed from Wicked - my favorite musical of all times. Which is saying something since I love pretty much every musical ever written (ok, I haven't actually heard every musical ever written but whatever)

Big kudos to Nancy!!